And as if you were going to release me from this worldly constriction, you raised your arms high and proud past your tilted head. Mouth agape, you smiled, exposing your teeth - sharpened and glistening with drool. Your tender pale skin adorned with sweat like dew. I no longer felt the need to run from your exotic enchantment. Intoxicated by your movements, I began to realize I was now more than ravenous. Oh, how I yearned to taste your every being - to feel your flesh rip across my lips and in between my teeth. Hungry. Voracious. Insatiable. Covetous. 


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Prepared to embark on a ritualistic cleansing - to purge the violent demons of my past - I travel far and with little attachment. Unsure how this process would begin, I apprehensively began the ceremony. Hands placed over my eyes and forehead, anointed by warm, bitter liquid, voices raised and gargling - a dismal rite of restoration. As they sang and danced, I was urged to drink by the towering elder. Gulping and guzzling, I ingested the warm murky liquid. My hands began to shake and tremble as the remedy snaked into my blood stream. Suddenly, I was no longer alone - visited by the vile memories which I so desperately longed to flee from. Those I buried deep inside the recess of my mind, sat next to me inquisitively. Kinship sang and hooted as I struggled to maintain my composure. And as I was about to succumb, the smallest one of all thwarted all my fears with small words of comfort. Ritualistic repose - psychedelic succor. 

RVTZTVX composes chilling vignettes that seems to crawl and hint at something sinister lurking among the fanciful atramentous undertones. Vexing synths wail and coo while drum machines clap in merriment - encouraging cryptic instincts. 


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♫ Black Marble - Pretender

Black Marble - Pretender

Unable to shake the rituals embedded within your soul, you began to execute what you felt you were obligated to do. Barely shaking sleep from your fragile and failing bones, you began your journey your designated spot. With each step, your knees would crack and splinter - soaking the cloth in a copper hue. Muttering words of encouragement, your mantra of determination, you would grip your broken hand tighter around the knapsack filled with trinkets of nostalgia. Alone and frightened, you made your way to your secret destination - shrouded in mystery and horror. Your gauzed, swollen face began to tremble as you openly carried out your purpose. Shivering, sutured shaman. Plastered and dressed.

Dark, jangly goth pop from Brooklyn’s Black Marble. Akin to 80’s goth pop, Black Marble conjures up images of mellifluous misunderstandings, yearning psyches, and aching woeful youth. As the guitars twang and tangle, synths dance and shriek amidst the lo-fi hints of muted musings. Classic.

Get it here | Soundcloud

And check out their “Flowers In The Attic” video for “Pretender” here:

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♫ Vagina Vangi - Servants of Death

You gazed at me with an inquisitive, intensely naive expression. Your eyes would dart back and forth from across my face - as if you were reading an engrossing novel. I knew at that moment, I was being deceived yet I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt. My entire being froze when you would edge closer - inquiring about my greatest secrets. Suddenly, I realized I was more than a case study to you. When the shift occurred, I was not aware, but I was christened as a mold for you, something you strived to become. Had I revealed my flaws and insecurities, my nightly ritual of constant questioning and self-loathing, would you have wanted to become more familiar with me? Or was this aspect of myself what intrigued you? Could you sense something within me that I had locked away - caged and guarded from outside eyes? Whatever the reasoning, I decided at that moment, right before your quivering, tearing eyes, I would commit an emotional seppuku. No longer would you have access to my heart and soul. Nor would you be able to tap into my very core. Disemboweled. Open. Alone.

Some of the most vexting, slow-tempo witch house I’ve heard in a while comes from Vagina Vangi. “Servants of Death" begins like an intonation - a conjuring of forces beyond ones imagination. The vocals implore you to succumb as they mesh and swirl with the murky instrumentation. A twirling annihilation - a deathly decree in the form of song. Enervated invocation. 

Vagina Vangi - Servants of Death

Get it here.

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You were my undoing - the unraveling of my very fabric. Afraid of the eyes of strangers, I forced seclusion unto myself - wanting nothing more than comforting isolation. Alone and exhausted, I began to notice at how my soft skin began to molt. In the early hours of morning, I would watch the cracked layers fall, floating like dust particles, beneath the rocks and stones around me. My hands would swell and retract while my brain would convulse - quivering and pulsating past the boundaries of my skull. What was occurring was unspeakable. Afraid to seek help, I would sketch out the transformations in a tattered and frayed journal I kept by my beside. The daily logs became too much for those little papers to handle. Like my insides, the writings contained within soon spilled over the confines of the covers. I was uprooted - torn and turned inside out - culled from humanity. An infautated, malformed neonate. Mutated. Reborn

ritualz ( †‡†) just digitally released his second EP entitled “Ghetto Ass Witch”. Full of throbbing, pulsating beats and somewhat paranoid atmospheres, the tracks resonate a sense of urgency - unbridled desire at the hands of a caliginous composer. Darkly dance-fueled, vexing, and haunting textures swirl and undulate through the eight tracks. Darkly dwelling accents and ominous tones mesh perfectly with beats that wail and kick. Fantastic.

Get the album here.

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Overcome with blinding anger and confusion, I made it my goal to destroy you. You, in your naive and too trusting ways, would believe anything I would tell you. Your eyes, sparkling and filled with adoration, could only see the good in me as I desired to unravel you. As the words avalanched off my tongue, you agreed that I knew what was best for you. At night, you would retire - unaware of the treachery I was hatching - the gruesome, gore I was sketching out in my mind. How I longed to break your bones, to sever your tendons, pluck those nerves like chords. I yearned to listen to your agonizing screams like a sadistic maestro conducting a concerto of carnage. Sharpening my knife, I dreamt of ways to deconstruct you. Hidden under my pillow, as to hide any wrongdoing from your lamb-like eyes, the instrument of your downfall would rest. Whatever image you had of me was fallacious - a false idol you worshiped and sought solace in. For I was cruel and cannibalistic, wanting to tear you apart, until you only existed in fragments. To feast on your flesh until my ravenous appetite was satiated - my forgiving little lamb.

Funerals' “Pishon" plays out almost like a calm before the storm. With dancing bleeping synths, jangly guitar work, and a sedated female voice, it seems to linger, almost diabolically, like a venomous mist - slow moving yet fatal. Near foreboding, a fateful harbinger of destruction - a muted, warning siren that no one decides to heed.

♫ Bonus: Funerals - Aitu (LQD Live Edit) - (might be my song of the month)

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Ʌ - Insults

Every time I closed my eyes, I couldn’t help but see his face in place of yours. My solace, my love, had been replaced by a volcanic hatred. With every seething breath, I couldn’t help but feel vengeful, spiteful, and, somehow, bitterly numb. I lived solely for revenge - to seek out and destroy whatever he had so willfully created. Set on tormenting the recluse, I began to find ways to toy with him. Whether he knew it or not, I am unaware, but he seemed to enjoy the game much more than I did. If he was injured, I would heal him, only to wreak havoc on his flesh moments later. Blinded by darkened thoughts, spiraling into a bloody abyss, I lived for carnage. Slaughter carried out in the name of yearning and love. Piranhic paramour.

Ʌ (Arc), the prince of the darkwave underworld, graces us again with more entrancing, darkwave tunes. With “Insult”, a thumping beat provides the backdrop - urgent and vital - like a sustaining, quickening heartbeat. The vocals, distorted yet oddly angelic, seem to weave in and out amongst the aphotic and airy sounds. Dark and pulsating, gorgeous and alluring - like being pulled further down into nothingness.

Patriot Hills" (EP) will be released on Tundra Dubs later this month.

♫ Ʌ - Insults

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While I slept, with my eyes closed shut, and my mind wandering off in a distant dream land, I felt something take over me. A warm, misty sensation engulfed my body and my skin became goose flesh as the dew encompassed my pores. My dreams shifted from mundane to something more ethereal. Fog kissed my feet, resting on the solid ground, parting only in a friendly welcome, as I made my way towards you. There you sat, affectionate and welcoming, hoping to unite with me. Your arms slid down my back as you pulled me closer towards you. It felt as if there were no boundaries at that moment, no you or I, no my bone, my flesh, but our heart and our mind. It was then that I awoke, drenched in sweat, and positive that what I dreamt was actually reality. 

** Premiere - ✝ DE△D VIRGIN ✝ - W▲tever ** 

✝ DE△D VIRGIN ✝’s latest track plays out sort of like a requiem for those who may have come and gone. A sweet building dirge with the right amount of distortion, synths that flitter and basslines that wobble ever so gently. Sounds quiver and cry, moan and wail, resolved and shy. Was it a dream or something else entirely? 

D/l “W▲tever” here and contemplate.

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Quietly, we would venture by their final resting place in hopes of making it back in time. As we came upon the place they laid their heads, you urged me to be quiet. Frightened and dependent solely upon you, I listened to your advice. “We cannot an utter a sound,” you would say as you raised your finger to your lips, “for if we do, we will disturb them from their slumber.” My eyes widen as your pause grew into a void, I could hear the sounds around me thumping in my ears. The insects would soon flood my ears with drilling, leaves would sound thunderous, and your breath sounded like a tsumani. You would grin from ear to ear, sardonically slithering out the words, “If you make one noise, you will wake them… and then they will come to get you.”

Ʌ (Arc) sent over, “Revenge City”, a track from his upcoming album dropping next year in March. The vocals are super distorted, to the point of lovely incomprehensibility, accompanied by sparkling, fluttering synths and a demanding, pulsating beat. It gets you from the very start - commanding you to obey the instructions he is laying out before you.

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