Our eyes would radiate with enamorment as we pressed our faces closer. Glowing, illuminating cheeks flushed with a the fever of admiration - we would lose ourselves entirely to the night. Nothing else existed, the outside forces completely fell away, and we would become enraptured. Inebriated by the intoxicating fumes of our love, we would fall to our knees, mouths agape, pulse quickened, gasping. Manic symptoms would set in as our emotions fluctuated - happiness, sadness, despair, satiated. We’d repeat this ritual until we could endure it no longer. And the visions we witnessed that night would stream through our brains - our subconscious, inanimate love. 

Ssaliva’s “Thought Has Wings" in speedy summation is lo-fi, late night 80s television anthems for the nostalgic crowd. With thumping basslines and melodious synthwork, the tracks are a bit like a peek into the past. An ode to those forgotten stations on AM radio. 

Bonus: ♫ Ssaliva - “Best Lose The Dream”

 Purchase the CS at Leaving Records.

♪: lo-fi, funky, lo-fi-funk

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