♫ The Long Wives

The Long Wives - Odd Funerals For New Beasts

O, how my pleas fell upon deaf, unwavering ears. Stern and standing upright, towering before my shivering, quaking knees, you delivered your frightful sermon of injustice. Your voice boomed and thundered, as your spiteful tongue pushed out toxic psalms. Placing your engorged, calloused hand upon my sweat-ridden brow, you changed to intonations of removal - desiring to sequester that which I had become. As a mountain before me, you gesticulated your desires and propositions. Soliciting. Shrieking. Shouting. Spitting. Stomping. Striking. Unable to withstand the pressure building in my brain, my neck began to mimic writhing, serpentine movements. Fully fatigued, my cervical vertebrae finally snapped in two. My eyes rolled entirely in the back of my head as my arms flailed and danced. Overcome with extreme, enraged bravado, you applauded wildly. Bedeviled, demented disciple - phantasmagorical devouring.

The Long Wives is the solo work of one artist - Brandy St. John. She creates vexing, intriguing goth-folk compositions with little more than a guitar (sometimes a piano) and a rich nebulous voice. On the edge of breaking - near enthrallment - crooning and cooing to entice the malignant spirits which cavort and frolic in promise of possession. A tortured troubadour recalling remorseful, tales of woe and captivation. 

The Long Wives - Holy Water

The Long Wives - Spun Gold


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