I’m super excited to announce the first in (what I hope to be) a series of mixes by artists I adore! Emojinal #001 kicks off with one of my faves (and recently blogged) AirynOre! It’s 42 minutes of pure goodness from start to stop - with fantastic AirynOre branded remixes (that after school remix had me reeling) and artists like Bo-En and Mike Gip. DO NOT MISS OUT!!!!


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Today’s post - presented without commentary - is this brilliant mash-up of Nagi no Asukara 2nd ending theme with Masters At WORK “To be in Love (95 ROYAL’s Garage Mix)" is too fantastic for words. 


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I have been following and enjoying AirynOre’s work for a while but it wasn’t until his fantastically curated ecchi party dj sets that I became a fanatic. With every new song teased, I couldn’t wait to see what he had up his sleeve. It is my pleasure to announce the release of his latest EP, “AiryCore”.

From the glistening, boisterous opening track, “Citrus”, to the startlingly noisy yet danceable “Carvel”, “AiryCore” is a particularly well-crafted release. There are touches of jersey, hints of club, and a variety of catchy samples strewn throughout. One thing is certain - there is a distinguishable signature in his output - it is “airy”, if you will, playful and buoyant. Definitely one of my favorite releases this year.

Get it here | SNDCLD

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Previously mentioned on U/R - maedasalt is back with this emotional lolicore remix of Grimes’ “Go”.  With the pitch shifted vocals and booming, clamorous pockets of noise - it is everything you ever wanted - you just didn’t know it.


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Presented without commentary is this excellent 『Drip Drop』track from a soon to be released EP (メカMECHA DREAMS) on Gentle Records. Maybe it’s the grey skies outside - but definitely feeling this after hours vibe right now.


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After doing some searching, I found out that the Portal's crew has been following N-qia, a magical duo from Japan, since 2012. To those of you that don't follow Portals or just seem to miss things that are totally your vibe, like I so often do, here's a chance to catch up on what you've been missing.  

Miss You”, the latest from the two, is an extremely enchanting catalogue of noises. With ascending, breathy vocals and a contrasting menagerie of sound - the track is very intoxicating, almost narcotic. Whirrs and blips get lost in the whispers, drills and clicks unite, and all the while you can feel your entire being floating - a grounded cosmic journey.


Bonus: N-qia -  ”birdseye”
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Miles Farewell is truly one of my faves of 2014. From his insanely epic ecchi party sets to his great remixes, he just never stops blowing my mind. His latest is a remix of Kanye West’s brooding “I Am A God” - altering the track into techno, turned up insanity. Did I mention insane enough because yes… he’s crazy good.


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Koko’s juke remix of this Kings of Convenience throwback is everything I could ask for. It’s magical, uplifting, and oh so delightful. Their pitch shifted vocals harmonizing, the vibrant instrumentation - it’s so perfect. I don’t know if it’s wrong to say it’s fun but it makes me smile the whole time and I love it. And when it stops, so sweetly, on the line “you can’t get enough of" - you realize that you just want to listen again and again.


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2014 might just be the year of Bukiko. With ever evolving sounds, Bukiko has literally transformed from melodic breakcore to gorgeous juke. “Fantasy Fuel”, released yesterday, showcases the evolution with dazzling tracks such as “ingen såg det" and "nadeko sunday”. It’s a short and sweet EP but it makes me excited to hear what Bukiko will do next.

Download here: BNDCMP

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KYLORAND’s take on K.P. & Envyi’s classic “Shorty Swing My Way" is future garage goodness. Taking the original anticipatory vibe of the song and turning it down, KYLORAND transforms the intent into a narcotic plea - as if the inclination is almost too much to handle. Brilliant.


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