PONYY’s “Me” is well… me. From the beeps and blips, danceable harshness and the neatly placed helium vocal samples - it’s everything I love musically. At one point the vocals stop - giving way to revving and grinding - as if something bigger is about to happen - only to be brought back again to the sprightly celebration. 


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Minimal remarks for today’s post: a cute, short and sweet, buoyant 2step remix of Spooky Black’s “Without U”. 


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Today’s track, “HEARTSKIP”, is from ponibbi who appears to be the newest addition to the already amazing Manicure Records' roster. It's everything I adore right now - brilliant candied pop with pitch shifted sugar vocals and a super danceable beat. HEART EYES.


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Spookyboogie is back with “Up In The Air” and, yes, that *is* Kim Kardashian’s “Jam" he so masterfully manipulated. Hopefully, last week’s post made some believers out there, if not, maybe this one will make you see the light. Come join me and dance at the altar that is Spookyboogie. 


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This hyper dragged out edit of Spooky Black’s “Reason" is everything - emotional, libidinous, spellbinding. The sloth-like sluggish main vocal croons while an impish companion accompanies it - arduously carrying it deeper into listlessness. 


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I posted about KLSLWSK two days ago and I was super stoked to see a new track posted up today! Taking Kat Dahlia’s vocals up by pitch shifting them oh so perfectly and combining them with a super danceable, bouncy whimsical beat - KSLWSK takes thing to the next level. OH SO DELICIOUS.

Just in case you missed it - here’s a repost of the track:


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Hannma creates some very emotional, dark pieces that range from brooding to celebratory. Synths sing and basslines boom while samples seamlessly weave throughout. It is nebulous, affective, and splendid - throwing you into a foggy atmosphere that you are in no hurry to leave. 

Bonus: The NGE sample friendly “First Kiss”


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Today’s track - presented without much commentary - is a nightcore version of an “Army of Love” from by Estonian recording artist Kerli. Nightcore over everything!

Bonus: “Come Alive” (Paris Hilton nightcore)


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KLSLWSK + Cody Simpson’s “If You Left Him For Me" = a mind blowing, danceable mix. Alongside the slightly altered Cody, you’re treated to a pitch shifted vocal partner, a break that booms, thunders and stutters, and a surprise fade out that happens when it seems it is about to burst. It’s so good - don’t be surprised if you repeat it over and over.


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In the past couple years, it has become a rarity for me to post twice in one day but I cannot wait to share these tracks I found from Spookyboggie. The first track, “need u”, is great nightcore/nightstep refix of Vita Chambers’ “Fix You”. It’s absolutely gorgeous and accomplishes what so many nightcore remixes fail at - instead of merely altering the tempo it mutates the song into something new.

Running" is wow… just wow. Listen and LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Bonus: Running  


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