lexis✩shii elevates the usage of vocaloid quite splendidly in PURE AESTHETE's first single release. There's something wholly mesmerizing about “it’s only goodbye" and its flipside "no, longer”. They’re both amiable, welcoming, and colorful - hued in rich tones. Both tracks fully encapsulate the feeling of steadily dissolving into a capricious 2D alternate reality. As the tracks swell and descend, you become surrounded in a warmth - a contentment that makes it near impossible to contain your smile.  


Bonus: “no longer

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Just like it’s namesake ramune - “ラムネ marble soda ラムネ" - is a delightfully bubbly carbonated pop track. With a funky bassline and percolating accents, it’s refreshing, playful and oh so enjoyable. Pop that marble!


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Booming club vibes from DJ Zone’s “Lose My Breath” remix makes me feel as if the world is on the verge of an apocalypse and the only thing left to do is dance. 


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While I hate being “late” to discover a track or an artist, I often recall what I have written on my bio: it isn’t about if you’re the first to hear the music, but the fact that you’re hearing it at all. Today’s artist is a great example of one of these moments. 

I have little words to describe how fantastic k2k is - the tracks are dreamy, dancy, whimsical - yet I keep coming back to the image of a cloud. The cloud is not of those foreboding grey storm clouds but dozens of altocumulus stretching far out into the blue sky. That’s exactly the perfect way to describe k2k - stratospheric.

Bonus: window - realmness (k2k remix)


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Manicure Records is on a roll. From the recently released to Emojinal #003 to Fiji’s “One Last Time”, I cannot stop gushing enough about their roster. ”One Last Time" blends Ariana Grande with club and a hint of classical instrumentation. What sounds like an oboe flutters - teetering in and out throughout - while the beat bounces and ticks. This has easily become an anthem for September. Superb! 


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I’m mega excited about this mix - presenting Emojinal #003 mix by JΛSMINE! Manicure Records happens to be my favorite up-and-coming label (digi-label?) and I couldn’t be more excited to have her join the emoji roster. 

While this mix is a little shorter than the other mixes, it’s still phenomenal. This is so fantastic, I cannot contain myself - just press play already!


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I like to think that maedasalt’s output transcends the term lolicore. While sharing the distinct grinding, harsh cacophonousness that most lolicore tracks possess, there’s something more melancholic and melodic swirling around. From his earlier works to the newly released “4u" something really resonates - making it a distinct standout.

A couple weeks ago, I asked maedasalt to work his magic on Log Horizon’s ending theme, “Your Song”, and I was blown away when he sent me this last night. There’s something beautifully broken about it - a contrast of welcoming emotions. “4u" is like a joyous celebration amongst chaos that thunders and echos with a barrage of sheer delight. Much, much love.


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PONYY’s “Me” is well… me. From the beeps and blips, danceable harshness and the neatly placed helium vocal samples - it’s everything I love musically. At one point the vocals stop - giving way to revving and grinding - as if something bigger is about to happen - only to be brought back again to the sprightly celebration. 


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Minimal remarks for today’s post: a cute, short and sweet, buoyant 2step remix of Spooky Black’s “Without U”. 


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Today’s track, “HEARTSKIP”, is from ponibbi who appears to be the newest addition to the already amazing Manicure Records' roster. It's everything I adore right now - brilliant candied pop with pitch shifted sugar vocals and a super danceable beat. HEART EYES.


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