It’s no secret that I am a sucker for remixes, refixes, edits - any sort of cosmetic work on tracks can take the original to new levels. ☽O☾ takes The Weeknd’s “Wicked Games" and transforms into six minute nebula-tic, wholly entrancing number. With wailing synths, booming drums, sometimes stuttered and dragged vocals - it’s enough to make my dark little heart soar.◟(●◡̑●″)♬+°  

Get it here | SNDCLD

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Before the night gives way to day, we covertly offer our obeisances to all those unseen forces. Unable to discern who exactly stands before us, shut our eyes in fearful anticipation. Cloaked in fog and mystery, we hear an unrecognizable language dance off their tongues. Lashing and clacking, clicking and howling - mournful incantations steadily surpasses all that is known. Unable to control our emotions, we fall to the ground, writhing in unabashed ecstasy. Mystical mantras. Spellbinding shamans.


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If I could only convince you of the things I see before me - what I deem as reality - life could be harmonious. While I am locked forever away, tucked neatly in a corner of virtual nonexistence, you continue to thrive in your environment. Full of vigor, self assurance, and aloofness, you glide past - unaware of the subtle hints and musings I so gingerly display for all to see. 


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I blogged about Bukiko back in 2013 and it warms my little heart to know that Bukiko shows no signs of slowing down. From the 51 track release back in February, “BUKIKO CLUB (gone songs²)”, to the super is dreamy breakcore/lolicore “noctilucent”, bukiko is lolicore/breakcore at its most addictive; it’s crunchy, clamorous, chaotic, melodic, fanciful, frenetic, and oh so good. ◟(●◡̑●″)♬+°  


♫ BONUS: Get samishii’d

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Four days ago “Trying To Find Love In A Parallel Universe”, a 26 track compilation was released and I can’t say enough good things about this. The compilation was a labor of love started by three artists - ULZZANG PISTOLTape Transport, and Harmful Logic - each showcasing a track of their own. 

Each song on the release differs in style (from vaporwave to more dreamwave style) yet there is always a sense of longing. A sense as if you, the listener, are already stuck in a 2D world and are seeking to appease your forlornness. It’s a confession, a grasp, a stolen glance, an acknowledgement that all at once this could all fade away. Fantastic.

Download “Trying To Find Love In A Parallel Universe” here.

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As we remained separated, we grew closer together. United by feelings of adoration, our admiration could not be contained. Every conversation, every slight sign of existence, made our hearts grow fonder. We flourished when we had contact, withdrew when we were separate - all for the final hope of potential unification. 

If you haven’t heard about 28 Mansions yet then you haven’t been reading UR for very long. At some point in 2013, UR had a scary (good) potential of morphing into Unholy 28 Mansions due to my incessant blogging. His latest track, “Not Coming Down”, takes the original 2013 track from Candyland and transforms it into a tinseled, boisterous track - a departure from the forlorn tracks I vehemently adore. Complete with smatterings of bed squeaks and pitch shifted vocals, it’s quite a force to be reckoned with. Listen and repeat. ♬♫♪◖(●。●)◗♪♫♬


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Mourn" is a gorgeous future garage collaboration track between Encore and  J Δ Y E E M.  It takes some lyrics from “The Boy is Mine" and reworks it into something more lamentable and pressing. The vocals become frantic - breaking, near panic - as the beat pulsates and pounds - like processing heartbreak. There’s a glorious agony - a building passion that, at the very end, cracks in a forlorn rupture. 


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I’ve been a big fan of this artist for what seems like ages - starting from the time he went by ΣΘGHΛN. Since my initial post in 2013, his body of work has expanded to include such fantastic works like “anata”, “what we got” and “luv me”. He has since reincarnated himself as yandere and recently released this 4 track self titled ep.

For those unfamiliar the term yandere can be defined as one that is loving and gentle, but also hyper-violent and deranged - especially towards the object of affection. Like the archetypical character, there’s something sweet yet always on the verge of breaking in these tracks. From the buoyant and wonderfully sugary, “u know" to the more vexing, forlorn ending track "no wait" - there’s a slight hint of something more present - a hidden dulcet suggestion. 

Download the 4 track EP here.

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We await our fate in the darkness - huddled together to give ourselves warmth. No longer wanting to separate, we intertwine, braiding our fingers until we can feel bone and sinew. Our fate is unwelcomed - we have witnessed the outcome many times before. In the distance we can hear the howling, the mourning of detachment, which causes our skin to crawl. All we ever wanted was consolidation - to coalesce until we could not distinguish our individuality. Disintegration.

London’s The Masks only has “The Midnight" and it’s making me beg for more. A down tempo, vexing soul number, he croons along with some dragged out vocals creating a further element of regret, heartache, and sorrow. Synths twinkle - almost like falling tear drops - while he painfully, lovingly recollects memories. "You never know - the extent of damage you’ve done…” Gorgeous. 


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Milk" is a buoyant, sparkling tune from New Zealand’s Eastern Bloc. Not entirely juke or jersey - "Milk" does contain some trace elements of those genres - jersey lite if you will. It’s playful and flirtatious, almost hinting, never fully breaking the whimsical build. The background track gleams while water drops disperse throughout, assimilating into the dragged out vocals and ebullient 808s. (❁′ᗨ‵❁)


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